About Chinpages

Chinpages.com cu Chin Directory (www.chindirectory.com) nih a ngeihmi asi. Chin Directory cu 2017 ah thawkmi asi i, kum 3 a kal hnuah mi tampi caah santlai asi timi a hun fian cang caah pehzulh dingin timhtuah asi.

Chinpages.com ahcun, Chinmi nih kanmah holh le holh dangdang in kan ttialmi cauk le cabia vialte khawmh i zuam in, chan nih a kalpimi digital bukbau chungah mizeipoah nih fawi tein cawk, rel kho dingin chiahpiak kha ai tinhmi cu asi. Cu nih cun, kan holh le ca kilvennak le kan tuanbia theih deuhnak caah a kan bawmtu thil pakhat asi ve lai tiah ruahchannak a um.

  • Chinpages.com bookstore came as a result of three years’ experience with an online Chin Directory (www.chindirectory.com), of which many have kindly given us feedbacks saying its usefulness in finding Chin related information online. After three years of operation, we have decided to continue our website with some improvements currently being taken.
  • Chinpages.com will serve as both a platform for Chin authors and writers who want to showcase or sell their works online and a market place for book enthusiasts and buyers. Our goal is to introduce as many Chin related books and documents as possible to the general public and our visitors/customers in particular.
  • We will also be happy to provide any assistance that might be helpful in making your writings readable in the electronic version. Please don’t hesitate to contact us for more information.