When God Calls a Man: The Making of a Spiritual Leader



John Maxwell, an expert on leadership, stated: “Everything rises and falls on Leadership.” Mung is a Christian spiritual leader who contributes one of the highest achieving ministries in Myanmar. The leadership challenges that the Myanmar Christianity is facing today, both internally and externally, are the leaders of Mung’s generation who are reaching their senior years, and often the churches disregard the need for spiritual leadership enrichment. These unforeseen predicaments demand new assumptions and models that will enhance leadership development. Subsequently, Mung’s life-story and his leadership experiences were studied for the next spiritual leadership development in the Asian-Myanmar context. There are four reasons for writing this book. First, Mung’s life-story will encourage the younger generation to develop Christian spiritual leadership in Myanmar. Mung’s life-story would supply criteria for spirituality and reveal certain spiritual leader’s life-story for the next generations’ spiritual leadership of Myanmar. The urgency and preparation of developing the next spiritual leaders would take much of its cue from Mung’s life-story interview findings. Second, this book will help the Myanmar Christian leaders, particularly from a Buddhist background to adopt the value of Christian spiritual leadership practices. It will help Asian leaders, especially Myanmar, to be more effective and will be relevant in enriching leadership practices in neighboring countries. Third, this book will impact the diaspora Myanmar Christian communities in different parts of the world a better understanding of Mung’s life-story and leadership. As Mung’s leadership practices achieved Christian spirituality, this material is significant in identifying Mung’s spiritual leadership practices. Fourth, the readers from around the world will understand the value of a Christian spiritual leader particularly in the process of the next spiritual leadership development in the ministry. Spiritual leadership is directly relevant to the ministry and mission of the church and essential for global Christianity. Finally, there are four reasons for choosing Pastor Mung for this book: 1.Mung currently has a greater impact on Myanmar Christianity, 2.Mung’s ministry is inter-denominational so as his leadership influence is, 3.Mung is willing to contribute his life-story to this book, and 4.Mung’s life-story inspires leadership development for the next leadership development.

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