Parami Journal of Education [Volume 1, Issue – October 2020]



I am thrilled to see this first issue of bilingual Parami Journal of Education.

When I was in graduate school at Yale, I surrounded myself with all scientific literature. Particular- ly, I always felt inspired to read general science journals such as Nature and Science. The quality of research articles published in these journals are unparalleled and world-class. In addition to such articles, I always found joy in reading light pieces such as news or opinions, which allowed me to see what else might be happening outside of science.

As a consumer of knowledge, I never realized how much effort went into organizing and creating such a peer-reviewed academic journal. To publish such a journal, one organization cannot do it alone. Many actors from different organizations must participate to produce such a journal. First and foremost, this journal would not exist without the participation of those who have faithfully submitted their articles to this journal as well as the contribution of our advisory editors who have given their precious time in reviewing the submissions. The organization of this journal was made possible only because of the all-out team effort of the Center for Education Policy Research, Parami University, and the financial support of Community Partners International and the Em- bassy of the Republic of Lithuania. I would just like to take a moment to thank all of them for believing in and supporting us, and to congratulate the team of the Center for Education Policy Research for this amazing work.

As this journal will be published twice a year, we will be calling for the next round of submis- sions. I warmly welcome anyone who is interested to submit their works as early as possible ( With participation from across the world, we will be able to make this journal as relevant as possible to many people within Myanmar and beyond. I look forward to our next issue. Until then, I hope that you find this issue thoroughly enjoyable!

Kyaw Moe Tun


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